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~ Pet Transportation & Pet Transport / Shipping Services to Australia ~
Here at Pet Transport to Australia we are always committed to offering
the Safest and Most Reliable Pet Transportation Services available.
Get your Dog, Cat or Pet Transported to & from anywhere in the world.

At Pet Transport to Australia, We Specialize in
LAX, Los Angeles, California to Australia Pet Travel, Shipping, Travel,
Transport and Relocation By Air or Ground,
Your Pet's Comfort & Safety is always Our #1 Concern.

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Australia Pet Transport, Shipping and Animal
Transportation Services for all your Pets.

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Australia Dog, Cat and Pet Travel, Transport &Shipping - Pet Transportation Services
Air and Ground Pet Relocation & Dog Transport Service
USDA, U.S. Customs, U.S. Fish and Wildlife

Pet Transportation to Australia Pet Transport and Shipping - Offering Affordable Rates
for your Pet Pick up, Dog, Cat & Pet Transportation Delivery Services
to and from anywhere in the world.

Pet Transport and Dog Shipping to Australia requires special care. Australia and New Zealand have implemented programs of rabies control whereby pet owners have an alternative to the traditional long-term (6 month) quarantine. By meeting prescribed criteria of pre-entry veterinary requirements quarantine periods can be reduced to a minimum of 1 month.

Here at Pet Transport to Australia, We specialize in helping pet owners meet the strict requirements of these pet transportation and import programs. We have been in this business for many years and our policy of "zero-tolerance for error" has contributed to our success, and earned us an excellent reputation.

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